Monday, March 10, 2008


What I’m Reading: Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning.

What I’m working on: Synopsis for The Slayer's Circle.

New Words Today: 1565

I've written more words today than I wrote all of last week.

Of course, I was home before seven tonight. That helps. Last week, I got home after nine every night but one. That pretty much kills the writing.

Those words tonight were new words I added to my synopsis -- propelling it to 10 pages.

Ten pages is a nice length for a synopsis -- except for when the contest you're preparing it for asks for three.

Of course, this means I now need to cut seven pages of my hard work. In the end, I'll likely have a three page, five page, and ten page synopsis (at least).

This synopsis is flowing in my typical synopsis pattern.

Step 1: Write down everything that happens in the story. Use really bad grammar and incoherent sentences. Just get it down. It should read something like: "And then, he fought the demon. And then, he won. And then, he demanded Tara tell him what the hell was going on. And then, she refused because he'd think she was crazy. But he told her what just happened was crazy." Etc.

Step 2: Cut it down -- way down. And make it sound pretty.

No big deal, right?

Yeah. Right.

Happy writing. (Wish me luck.)



Terry Odell said...

Good luck. I hate writing synopses. That's the one good side of not being a 'famous' author -- I still have to write the book first. Mary Buckham does a great on-line synopsis class. She really helped me hone mine down. Of course, I'd still written the book.

Dara Edmondson said...

Synopses are no fun. I like the character sketch first method.

mimi said...

"Synopsis" is the Greek word for "hell." Or "torture." I forget which. ;-)

Sandy said...

Good luck on the cutting, Macy!

It is agony to try to express a whole book in 3 pages. 10 was pretty good! But 3? I have just been trying to do a cover blurb / pitch -- a few sentences -- oh the pain!

On the other hand, it really helps you focus on what's important in the story. So hope all that suffering at least gives you some insights!