Saturday, April 28, 2007

I got tagged

I just got back from an amazing trip to the mountains of North Carolina with 200 8th graders, 16 adults, and 8 high school juniors. I’ll definitely post about the trip and some inspirational lessons I learned as a result, but not tonight. I’m still processing, and I had a very busy day.

However, I was tagged by both Alyson and Jackie on the following meme. So, here it is.

Three Things That Scare Me:
1. losing the people I love
2. not measuring up to whatever standard I’ve set for myself
3. getting it wrong in this life

Three People Who Make Me Laugh:
1. my girls at AotP – I’m constantly cracking up at their emails
2. my nephew named Reid
3. seventh graders

Three Things I Love: (besides my family, which is a given)
1. books
2. mountains
3. challenge

Three Things I Hate:
1. insincerity and fakeness
2. prejudice
3. judgmentalism

Three Things I Don’t Understand:
1. hate
2. politics based on personal agendas rather than the greater good
3. the reason my ISP sucks

Three Things On My Desk:
1. my God box
2. my morning journal
3. my new passport

Three Things I’m Doing Right Now:
1. laundry
2. fighting sleep
3. thinking about a bedtime snack

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. make a name for myself as a writer by writing and selling books that women (and men) eagerly anticipate
2. see Africa
3. live in the mountains

Three Things I Can Do:
1. inspire teenagers
2. cook real, authentic enchiladas
3. write

Three Things I Can’t Do:
1. make cheese cake
2. file things – file cabinets are the enemy
3. enjoy an entire round of golf – that damn little ball pisses me off

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To:
1. your conscience
2. your heart
3. music that inspires you

Three Things You Should Never Listen To:
1. hate rhetoric
2. sensationalism in the news
3. negative self-talk

Three Things I’d Like To Learn:
1. how to write a best-seller
2. how to sing on key
3. how to play the piano

Three Favorite Foods:
1. a really good margarita
2. scallops
3. salsa, enchiladas, tacos – okay, pretty much all Mexican food (my favorite Mexican restaurant – Abuelo’s – is in the DFW area)

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:
1. Scooby Doo
2. Mash (with my dad)
3. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series

Three Things I Regret:
1. Not doing a better job of keeping in touch with a few people I love.
2. Not having more confidence in myself.
3. One really big thing that I, too, don’t want to mention. And yeah, I’m sorry about it also.

Three people I tag:
1. Julie
2. Mimidish
3. YOU!

Happy writing!