Thursday, October 25, 2007

The romantic suspense MIP

What I’m reading: The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin
Song of the day: Monster Mash

In a break from the dismal mess known as my MIP, I decided to throw up another blog.

I got an email from my little bro today. He lives in Rome…. Italy. He works for the government. He just got back from a horrific job, in a horrific country, doing horrific things in horrific heat. He had to eat dog because that’s all there was.

And I wonder where I get my love of espionage and military suspense…..

Anyway, I’ve been pretty down on my romantic suspense MIP that’s in rewrites – again. However, reading his email gave me new perspective. I reread a portion of my story that a reader once called unbelievable because it could never really happen. I’d been thinking of taking it out. I changed my mind.

The incident I wrote was based on something my very brave little brother experienced as part of his job. It not only could happen. It did.

My ideal romantic suspense readers will never doubt the validity of such scenarios. Everyone else, well, they have no idea what people really do to keep us safe.



Dara said...

My DH has a friend who does work like that. Sometimes truth is too strange to write about!