Saturday, December 29, 2007

Books I LOVED in 2007

I promised to write about the books that really struck me this year. I've read a few that had me turning pages too fast and staying up too late. I love books like that. I thought I'd mention a few of them. Keep in mind that alot of books strike a chord with me. These are the most powerful from that list.

1. Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. I've read and reread some parts of both Twilight and New Moon. I've started Eclipse, but I'm doing my best to really wait to read it for several reasons. The biggest reason -- I'll get completely sucked in and be unable to do anything but read until I finish. Then, I'll be terribly disappointed when I'm finished and no other book will really speak to me for a bit. I haven't been this completely enamoured with a story line in a long time. I relate to Bella -- even if I never dated a vampire. Edward is perfect to her, but to the rest of us, he's completely flawed. She loves him anyway. Wasn't there anyone in your life when you were 18 to 25 like Edward? I had an Edward. (Sigh.) Anyway, I get it. Stephanie has it. Wow. Someone recommended her to me over a year ago. I kind of thought "whatever". I'm glad I waited, though, because now I have less time to wait for her new one. (Big Sigh.)

2. Lisa Kleypas's Sugar Daddy. What a joyous time I had at RWA Nationals. I'd never been before. I guess there's nothing quite like your first time. I'm still trying to wade through all the books I collected. One that surprised me was Sugar Daddy. I have the sequel -- Blue-Eyed Devil -- pre-ordered already. I'd never read a Kleypas book before, but I will now. I have one of her historicals awaiting me. I loved her characters, and again, I related to them as real people. I can hardly wait for Blue-Eyed Devil. (It will be on tomorrow's list of eagerly awaited books for 2008.)

3. Finally, there was Match Me if You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. As with Twilight, when SEP was recommended to me, I kind of thought "whatever". Boy, was I wrong. Match Me if You Can turned me into a fan overnight. I've read three SEP novels this year, but Match Me is still my favorite.

I don't know what that "it" factor is that keeps me turning pages so fast in these books. If I could discover it and replicate it, I would no longer be pre-published.

Maybe someday, but for now, give me the next "oh-mi-gosh" book. I'm ready to be carried away.

What were your favorites in 2007?



Julie S said...

Ooh, I loved Sugar Daddy, too! I had no idea what to expect but it drew me right in. I love first person and since reading it I've been thinking a lot about writing first person...