Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm home

What I’m Reading: Breaking Point by Suzanne Brockmann (our book club's choice).

What I’m working on: I just started Empowering Character Emotions with Margie Lawson (offered through KOD this month). It is KICKING my BUTT and we're only on day 3. So, I'm working on getting caught up and reading the lectures and lamely attempting my assignments.

New Words Today: 297

I made it home from New York about a day and a half into Margie Lawson's fabulous class.

I feel like I've missed a whole week of Kick-Your-Butt-Unless-You're-a-Genius Physics 500. And I'm pretty sure tomorrow's calendar doesn't allow for alot of catch-up time.

For the first exercise, we had to take a basic line and add emotional power.

I went through about 250 pages of my nearly 400 page WIP and did all ten sentences I was told to do. I took almost 2 hours. (Can anyone point to the slow kid in the class?)

(This will make me a better writer.)

Here are two of my attempts. What do you think? Better?

Before: She heard the edgy rage in her voice and vaguely knew her self control was slipping.

After: Her words brimmed with barely contained rage, evidence of her slipping self control.

Before: He shook his head in slight confusion

After: He shook his head but it didn’t clear. Unsettling, irrational memories invaded.

(Repeat mantra: This will make me a better writer.)