Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rain, rain, come my way

What I’m reading: Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

What I’m working on: One of those middle of the book scenes that challenges a secondary character’s arc. It hit me in the shower last night and has been good for about 1000 words so far.

As I write this, it is pouring rain, and I love it. A rainy day is my favorite kind of day. I’m almost afraid to verbalize my hope that it rains all day, and I’m afraid to look at the forecast. What if it says “hot and sunny” this afternoon?

Most people I know (most of whom live in Florida, too) love the “hot and sunny” weather. It’s kind of a pre-requisite for living here. I’m in Florida because my husband is a Floridian. And don’t get me wrong, the mild weather has its perks. But I just don’t really mind the rain. I love it, in fact. I’m one of those people who could live in Seattle and never get depressed. (Of course, if I lived there, I’d probably be more of a Starbucks addict than I already am.)

The good news for me is that we might get a hurricane. (So, do you think I’m certifiable?) I’m not really all that excited about a hurricane. I hated Charlie and the summer of hurricane repeats, but if it manages to just stay a tropical depression and keeps the skies overcast next week and dumps lots and lots of rain, well, I’ll be quite happy!

Gotta go. There’s the thunder.



Dara Edmondson said...

I like the occasional rainy day, but I love it when it's not so hot but the sun is blazing. About 80 degrees is perfect. Rainy days are awesome for writing (as long as there's no lightning or thunder) and for other indoor pursuits;-0