Sunday, September 21, 2008


What I'm Reading: On the Ipod, it's The Hollow by Nora Roberts (book 2 of her most recent series -- I'm totally addicted.) For pure fun, it's Driven by Eve Kenin. For consideration for next summer's community book for my fav high school, it's Never Surrender by Jerry Boykin. And finally, for book club, it's Splendid by Julia Quinn.

What I'm Working On: Combatting sheer and utter exhaustion. The part of me that believes I'm superwoman is frustrated, but the logical and sensible part of me is saying to rest. I've had activities everynight and all day for over a week now so I guess it's normal (and maybe even okay) that my creativity is shot. Nice me is trying to give me a break. Ball-buster me is, well, busting my balls (or would be if I had any). (Sigh)

I thought the following was cute. And funny thing.... I was actually voted Most Athletic along with Shane (the total tall, dark, blue-eyed hottie). He and I were also voted Most Representative so I got to sit on his lap twice for yearbook pictures. (Big grin.)

After this weekend of chaperoning my favorite high school's homecoming dance, I feel old. And grateful that I grew up in a more innocent time. (No wonder I'm tired.)

You Would Be Voted Most Athletic
When you were in school, you were quite the sports star.
Even if you weren't always on the winning team, you gave it your best.
You had school spirit. You were a good loser and a good winner.
And once you're successful in sports, you can be successful in anything!