Monday, November 17, 2008

I need direction

What I'm Reading: The Wave by Todd Strasser

What I'm working on: Staying calm when it comes to writing.

I went to Donald Maass's workshop Tension on Every Page in Tampa about a week and a half ago. It was a 4 day workshop. It was intense -- so intense that I needed a week to recover to even know what direction I should take now.

First, I should write. Just do it. Stop thinking about it.

Second, I should stop trying to put myself in a box. I don't really write romance -- not really -- maybe just a little. Or YA. Or fantasy/urban fantasy. What I write is sort of in the middle. That's okay.

Third, like Donald said, sometimes (most of the time) it's easier just to turn the page over and write something better than trying to edit it. (It's true. I'd experienced that before even going to his workshop, but it doesn't make starting over AGAIN any easier.)

Fourth, I need to look at how I spend my time. I think there is more time to write there than I think there is, but I will be the first to admit that the scariest part is that even if I find tons of time to write and even if I get it perfect, even then I might fail. (Failure = manuscript that can't find an agent or a home.)

Fifth, I got into Seton Hill's MA program in Writing Popular Fiction. I can start in January, but for so many reasons, June is looking better and better. I really need to decide what to do before Friday -- yes, this Friday. (And, yikes, this alone scars the poopy out of me.)

Maybe I'm having perfectionistic fear issues today.

Hmm, not sure I ended up with anything blog worthy here -- or any direction -- but it's getting posted anyway.

Next post: Tension in dialogue, exposition, and action -- ideas from master Donald.



Dara Edmondson said...

Wow - lots of good stuff! Congrats on getting into the Seton Hall program!