Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday

What I'm Reading: Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs

What I'm Working On: Tutoring, not writing tonight.

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on: Lover Avenged by J. R. Ward

Release date: April 28, 2009 by Penguin

Synopsis: The brothers are back-the latest installment in J. R. Ward's sizzling #1 New York Times bestselling series.
J. R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood novels have introduced readers to a "different, creative, dark, violent, and flat-out amazing" (All About Romance) world. Now, as the vampire warriors defend their race against their slayers, one male's loyalty to the Brotherhood will be tested-and his dangerous mixed blood revealed . . . .
Rehvenge has always kept his distance from the Brotherhood-even though his sister is married to a member, for he harbors a deadly secret that could make him a huge liability in their war against the lessers. As plots within and outside of the Brotherhood threaten to reveal the truth about Rehvenge, he turns to the only source of light in his darkening world, Ehlena, a vampire untouched by the corruption that has its hold on him-and the only thing standing between him and eternal destruction.

Why: I will admit that my TBR pile has grown so substantially that I haven't read the most recent Black Dagger Brotherhood book, but I love the series none-the-less. I'm sure I'll make time to catch up on the series before Lover Avenged comes out. Ward has created a world that I envy as a writer. She's made her vampire series shine in a genre that's becoming over-written. AND, her heroes are some of the yummiest characters in commercial fiction!


Dara Edmondson said...

I haven't read any of those, but they sound good. Your books read list is amazing - I don't know how you do it!