Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A song from Kevin's soundtrack

What I'm Reading: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and Tap and Gown by Diana Peterfreund
What I'm Working On: The convulution that is Slayer

Last Thursday I hit the gym for the first time in a week. I'd been away on a Marine Research trip with my fav high school. Life is really rough when you have to snorkel over the best reefs in the U.S. for five days, but I digress.

So, last Thursday, to drown out the rap music the football team was blasting from my fav high school's state of the art fitness center, I cranked some tunes I hadn't listened to in awhile on my iPod

What comes blaring through? Shadow on the Sun by Audioslave (an amazing band fronted by hottie Chris Cornell of Soundgarden fame). Can you tell I'm a fan?

I'd forgotten I'd even put this on my playlist back in the day when I began Slayer's soundtrack. But, wow, it really fits for the hero of my story. (Technically, I have a heroine, hero and another hero. Don't ask.)

Now I'm wondering if it would be beneficial to make a different soundtrack for Tara, Kevin, and Galen. Or would that be further procrastination?

Regardless, I thought I'd post the lyrics for you. Now that I've said this is the perfect song for Kevin (about 3/4 into the book), what do you think he might be experiencing emotionally?

Go ahead and post your thoughts.

Shadow on the Sun by Audioslave:

Once upon a time
I was of the mind
To lay your burden down
And leave you where you stood
And you believed I could
You'd seen it done before
I could read your thoughts
Tell you what you saw
And never say a word
Now all that is gone
Over with and done - never to return

(chorus 1)
I can tell you why
People die alone
I can tell you I'm
A shadow on the sun
Staring at the loss
Looking for a cause
And never really sure
Nothing but a hole
To live without a soul
And nothing to be learned

(chorus 2)
I can tell you why
People go insane
I can show you how
You could do the same
I can tell you why
The end will never come
I can tell you I'm
A shadow on the sun

Shapes of every size
Move behind my eyes
Doors inside my head
Bolted from within
Every drop of flame
Lights a candle in
Memory of the one
Who lives inside my skin


Here's a pic of Chris, too. Tell me he's not a hottie!?!?