Sunday, February 4, 2007

Goal review

I've decided to do a monthly goal review. Roxanne St. Claire suggested this during the goal setting workshop she gave for CFRWA. Great idea. It will keep me on track for the big picture which is getting my PRO status and ultimately getting a publishing contract.

I've made some modifications based on the review of my goals.

I'm not changing my goals, other than the dates by which I want to accomplish them. However, for this month (Feb.), I've changed my focus. Here are the goals I'm aiming for this month.

Goal: Really find out where this story is going.
Objective: Get to know all my POV characters.... very, very well.
1) Determine just which secondary character POV's we'll see.
2) Complete a character worksheet for each POV character (The hero and heroine are done).
3) Do a character interview for each character. I have 3 pages each for the hero, heroine, and the villian, but I'd like to have more. Maybe 10 pages, but I don't want to put a page minimum or maximum on it. I just want to see what they have to say.
4) Figure out the GMC for each POV character.

Objective: Figure out the major plot points (By knowing my characters better, some points have already changed. I need to hammer this out.)
1) Spend time working on the suspense plot points. What are my 2 pinches in the middle and what is my supreme ordeal?
2) Work on the romance plot, keeping in mind to use each of the 12 stages of intimacy, albeit perhaps not in order. What will be the Romantic Supreme Ordeal? Will there be a reward or setback afterward?
3) Work on character arcs for the story, specifically understanding the hero and heroine's, which will braid through the romance and suspense plots.

I will count all words I write this week and throughout February toward my weekly total. I want to keep up with a challenge of writing a certain number of words per week, so that it becomes habit.

If I do that for the past week, I have 2800 as of this moment. Not bad, considering I have some more writing planned today. (My writing and goal week always ends on Sunday.) I hope to still reach 3500 by midnight.

Wish me well.

Talk to you tomorrow at Affairs of the Pen.