Monday, March 19, 2007

Writing Goals -- A Review and Some Changes

I'm working my way back through my MIP, layering, editing, trashing, rewriting, adding new stuff. I'm determined to get it pretty and polished and neat and worthy to send to Harlequin as requested.

I posted recently on perfectionism and not being able to tell when it's good enough. And, yep, that's still a problem. However, I'm going to plug through anyway.

I started at the beginning last week, getting contest submissions ready. I sent off two. I have a couple more I'd like to get off this month, but I'm working forward. At the end of last week, I hit about page 35, thinking, "Yeah, not bad." By next Sunday night, I'd like to be at page 70, thinking, "Yeah, not bad."

At that rate, I should hit "done" in about 6 to 7 weeks. Sounds good, huh?

In talking to a local friend today, I came up with a new idea. I've been getting up this past week at 5ish to write. (Well, today I got up at 5ish to meet a work deadline, but that's the last big one for awhile.) I'm going to keep doing that. From 5ish til 6ish, I'll work on layering, trashing, and adding new stuff. When I get home from work I'll edit, which will also probably result in some more new stuff.

This week will be a trial run -- starting tomorrow since I blew today already --to see how the just write, edit later idea works. AM = Just write. PM = edit. (Repeat as necessary. It's my new mantra.)

Well, I better get writing. I need to get ahead. Those RITA nominations will be posted on the 26th and I'm bound to lose some writing time that day as I read reviews and traipse up to Books-a-Million to buy a few of the nominees' books.

Just write.