Thursday, March 1, 2007

I believe

I believe….
…in sunrises & getting up early to see them.
…in staying in your pj’s until noon when you want.
…in starting the day with steaming hot coffee.
…in personal space.
…in alone time.
…in forgiveness – forgiving both myself and others.
…in doing something with my life that leaves a lasting positive effect.
…that knowing oneself is one of the most important things in this life.
…that black and white are overrated, and the world is full of shades of gray.
…in an imperfect world full of imperfect people living imperfect lives perfectly.
…the heart is a better decision maker than the head.
…in being authentic.
…that being creative is what God had in mind when he said he created us in his image – how else could we be more like him?
…in telling the people you love that you love them.
…in dogs.
…that dogs have souls.
…in the healing and restorative power of rain and thunder and lightning.
…that calling in sick, even if you’re not, on a stormy day so that you can stay home and enjoy it, is a good use of a sick day.
…autumn is the best time of year.
…all children need a good dose of “no”, and an equally good dose of “yes”.
…we ought to pay our teachers, soldiers, and public protectors like police and firefighters more.
…in hearing your calling and answering it.
…in mercy.
…that with God, we are far greater than the sum of our molecules.
…in creation and evolution.
…in good red wine, alone or shared with friends.
…that bookstores are sacred places.
…in words and their power.
…that everybody has a pack, but that sometimes you have to run alone and over long distances to find them.
...that mountains hold magic.
…I get better with age.
…the only person I can change is me, but that my influence can spark change in others.
…in me.