Tuesday, February 5, 2008

10 Things You'd Buy if You Had a Million Bucks

What I’m Reading: Lay That Trumpet in Our Hands by Susan Carol McCarthy and Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder (I’m almost done with both.)

What I’m working on: Just getting some words down today. (Seriously, is it a full moon or something?)

New words: 207

My friend Mimi posted this at the dish last Tuesday. I needed a fun blog, so I stole it. If you’re reading I’m tagging you for next Tuesday (or whatever day you choose).

The rules: Ten things you'd buy if you had a million bucks to just spend, no scholarships or altruism, completely self-centered.

1. A decked out Macbook Air. Estimate with all the extras I want: $4,000.00. (Yep, I pretty much selected every extra you can get.)

2. A 2008 Landrover LR3. Decked out, of course. $55,000.00

3. An around the world cruise for the hubby and me. We’d like a penthouse room on the ship, too. Cruise total: $167,500.

4. On a three month plus cruise, we’ll need a little spending money: $50,000.

5. Complete our bathroom and closet renovations. Hmmm…. I’d say $40,000 so I can have some cool closet gadgets and duel heads in the shower.

6. A daily workout with a personal trainer -- everyday, all year. $54,000

7. A month of summer camp at Kanakuk for both kids, including flights and all the other stuff it takes to get ready for camp. $10,000.

8. New landscaping -- $10,000. (I have no idea what landscaping would cost, but we need alot of it.)

9. A week long writers' retreat with all my writing chicas -- on me -- somewhere cool. Include bells and whistles. $20,000. (Hmm.... maybe a beach or mountain house somewhere....)

10. A chef. (Right. Like I know what that would cost.)

Okay, that was really hard. I kept thinking of sending under-priveleged kids to camp and fighting AIDS in Africa. If I really had a million dollars to spend any 'ole way, I'd like to not just spend it on me.

What about you?



Sandy said...

A million bucks really doesn't stretch that far any more, does it? I can't think of 10 things. What I really want is to retire. Second choice, a nice loft apartment in an interesting, bohemian section of some great city -- but I doubt I could get one for a million dollars in SF or NY. I'd settle for Sacramento, our downtown is getting better all the time. Then I'd have enough money left over to take a year or two and really make a run at this writing thing.

Oh, and hint: $10,000 gets you nowhere in landscaping. We priced a very basic makeover for our tiny front yard and it came in at $20,000. Of course that's with them doing all the work, but still...!

Fun post, Macy!

Macy O'Neal said...

Okay -- $40,000 for major front and and some back yard landscaping. Eegads. Who knew flowers and trees cost so much.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh. That much for landscaping? I can't remember how much ours cost. I'll do mine tomorrow, although I don't know how much anything costs! Should be interesting. LOL.

Great list--

Kimmy Wooten said...

Wow! I do not think mine cost more than 10K, and that was with a whole 1/2 acre of new sod! (In FL) I will have to think about the million and post at Cinderwriter.

Dara Edmondson said...

Love those ideas. I'll have to work on that.