Wednesday, February 27, 2008

NY – Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What I’m Reading: Green Angel by Alice Hoffman AND The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

What I’m working on: I’m at a work conference so just getting in my 100 words a day.

New Words Tuesday 2/26: 180
New Words Today: 141

New York Day #1:
I spent the morning getting my house and such ready so the husband and kids and dogs could survive without me. Marcus laughs at the madness of me before I leave on a trip and reminds me that he once took care of himself. However, I remember how scrawny he was when I met him and what his wardrobe looked like -- so I have my doubts.

I then waited for a delayed, full flight – with a migraine. (But, it’s all better as I write this.) When I finally arrived at my hotel (about the time I actually expected to arrive), I was as tired as I predicted, but not tired enough to eat a $25 room service hamburger and a $5 room service Coke. So I ventured out to find a deli and the very best wrap I have ever eaten – turkey, guacamole, and sun-dried tomato. Wow!

I did hang out in my hotel room though. I caught some of American Idol for the first time this year, but mostly I read a little book I started on the flight. I finished all 116 pages of it tonight.

What was it? Green Angel by Alice Hoffman.

I am always amazed at the emotion that woman can elicit with words. I hope to someday be able to do with words what she can. I have yet to read an Alice Hoffman book where I didn’t tear up with the beauty of her turns of phrase or cry outright over the simplest things. This time it was a white greyhound – a dog with wounded paws who heals a girl while she heals him.

Well, off to bed now. I have to be out of the hotel room by 6:20 am (yes, that’s AM). And I’ll be up late tomorrow. Katrina and I are going to opening night of Peter Grimes at the Met. Fun!