Saturday, May 3, 2008

Celebrate books!

What I’m Reading: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have To Kill You by Ally Carter.

What I’m working on: Rewriting Slayer from the beginning – it’s a whole new and better story.

Word count today: I plan to get back to writing on Monday.

There are several book celebrations worthy of my noting. Maybe they don’t mean anything to you, but to me, they are significant.

Most of you probably surmise (if you regularly read my blog) that I’m closely associated with a high school. This year, I created a new summer reading initiative – choose a book you want to read. (Novel idea – no pun intended.) The teachers (49 of them) selected books anonomously. We contracted with a local independent book store and had a book fair on campus where we sold all 49 titles plus several others. The school librarian (whom I absolutely adore) sold over $7K in books. (Our school library got 20% of the sales – woohoo!) Kids and teachers organically talked books all week. It was amazing.

I bought 3 books for me, one for the DH, and DD picked out one for herself!

Now my favorite middle school is going to follow in the steps of my favorite high school and have a book fair, too. Their book fair is a week and a half from now. It was fun to help our adorable librarian find great YA and middle grades books to order for it. And I love being able to give our local independent book store more business.

The next notable thing in book land is the impending release (Tuesday) of Host, the new Stephanie Meyer novel. It’s not part of the Bella and Edward saga begun in Twilight (for that conclusion, we have to wait for August), but it’s receiving good reviews (here and here and here).

I was going to be good and wait for it from the library, but Amazon pre-orders are REALLY cheap, so I spent $14+ (because you get an extra 5% off on pre-orders) to purchase my own copy. I’m eagerly awaiting its delivery.

I’m sure it will be well worth the $$. Meyer’s is brilliant – so much so that I kind of hate her (just kidding), but seriously, I have major writer jealousy. I used to tell people that in my next life, I was going to be J.K. Rowling, but not anymore – now I’m going to be Stephanie!

That's all the book news for now. I'm off to tackle another chapter in Great Expectations and to keep sorting my books in my new office. Someday, it will be unpacked!!!