Monday, June 9, 2008

Write daily. Be patient.

What I'm reading: How Far is the Ocean from Here by Amy Shearn and Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass

What I'm working on: A prologue -- essentially a new beginning to Slayer.

Word count today: 875 (I'm back!!!!)

Tonight I sat down and pounded out 875 very non-painful words. That's a first for several months now.

(Thank goodness! And finally!)

I think part of my process for writing is to write a first draft that has a great premise, a sucky middle, and an ending I love. Then I have to let it stew or ferment and while the real gems come to me and then I have to rewrite it. Bleh!

I tend to rush this process. I'm not good at being patient while it ferments.

But this time, I let it sit and ferment despite being angsty and impatient and it paid off. Now I FEEL the story so much better. I'm letting it be as dark as it needs to be and I'm taking ALL of Donald Maass's advise. And while I'd like to finish ASAP, I know it may take awhile to write the book I want to write. (It took Elizabeth Kostova ten years to write The Historian.)

My goal considering all this: Write daily. Be patient with myself.



Katie Reus said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back into the swing of things. It sounded like you were struggling there for a little while :)

Sandra Ferguson said...

Second recommendation to get my fanny in gear and read Donald Maas's book. I always have a craft or grammar book going, but this one just hasn't hit my desk at the right time. Guess, it's time to make well, to make that time.

Thanks for the recommendation.

mimi said...

Amen, sister. Writing has been like pulling teeth for me lately. I need to clear out more of my non-writer life to make good, healthy room for my writing one. Kind of like fires actually *help* forests.

Congrats on re-finding your groove!