Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I missed my Sunday Speculation -- on the second week. Really, I'm much better at sticking with a plan than that. I probably won't blog much this week -- again, I'm not a quitter. I haven't quit my new plan to blog 3 times a week. It's just that this week is different.

This week I'm participating in a "Book in a Week challenge". My goal is 8. 5 pages per day -- everyday -- even the busy ones like tonight when we're taking a friend to dinner for her birthday. (Her husband is out of town and last night my husband called her husband on his business cell, but he'd accidently left it at home and taken his personal cell on the trip and she talked my husbands ear off about making soup and their dog and a mutual friend and her cousin --- get the idea --- for 30 minutes.) She's lonely. He's gone until July 8th. It was her birthday Monday. I can postpone writing a few hours to do something nice for a friend.

But.... the blog is all about me and writing. It can wait.

Therefore, until I get my ultimate end goal of 15k written this week, no more blog entries (except Saturday at AotP). BTW, 15K will be exactly 1/2 the novella I'm writing. (Then hopefully, my creativity will be restored and I'll be back to fix Kat and Cris with a vengence.)

Oh, and yes, I know I could pound out pages like this everyweek, but this week our daily totals are being posted on a huge loop for all to see. I just don't want to be DFL (dead f*&%$ng last).

Gotta go. Monday I did 7 pages. Yesterday 10. Today? None yet, so I better get started.