Saturday, June 9, 2007

Rewards and gifts

Sometimes life gives you an unexpected gift. Perhaps it's karma. I don't know.

Most of the time the best rewards or gifts aren't those tangible things you can hold in your hands. Rather, they are those intangibles that reside in your heart.

I got one today -- an email. It went straight to my heart.

Some of you know that I teach -- under a different name of course. Whether it be writing or working with teens, the reason I do it is to make a difference. I hope my writing will someday provide that escape for readers that gets them through another day. I hope via teaching I will influence the teens in my life in a way that grounds them and makes them better people.

Anyway, the names of the college and the young man have been changed, but this email was the best gift I've had in a while.

Read on:

Hey XXXX (protecting my nom de teacher),

Sorry i've been so bad at keeping in touch this school year. It has gone by way too fast for me... I can't believe i only have one more year of college left. School is pretty hard but im doing well. I had my best track season ever this year and Jumped 16-4 (in the pole vault). I placed 6th in the ACC (which i found out is the hardest conference in the nation for the pole vault). If XXX-University was in the Big East I'd be in the running for a conference championship by now -- haha -- but oh well. I also got my first collegiate win this season which was so fun. It felt so great to be the only one left vaulting at the end of the meet...just like high school. And it gave me a lot of confidence and I placed high in the rest of my meets for the season. I heard about your new admin job and i'm very happy for you...Its good to know that the school will have a normal person in a high rank for a change. I miss you as my coach a lot...Having you as a coach really spoiled me for college -- haha. But I still use everything you taught me every time i train and am in a meet. I just wish i could train with you every day.

I miss you a lot coach and i hope this note finds you well.