Saturday, July 28, 2007

19 pages and 4,400 words later

Today, I'll update you a bit and show you how, um, my plans never turn out quite right.

Last week, I said my goal was to finish Byron and Jade's story over the next 2 weeks -- to get it ready for someone to read so I can get my Brava Novella entry off in a timely manner.


Just after I declared that, Kat and Cris of Cold Truth hit me with their big love-making scene. Until now, I had written "Kat and Cris make love". Very exciting. They both have so much emotional baggage, so many demons, so many secrets, which made the scene hard to write. It is very emotional for Kat. She has to let go of so many things, and she is such a guarded person.

On a side, a recent contest reader said that she was very mysterious and asked if I wanted her to be so mysterious. Um, yes. I refuse to dump backstory upfront. Boring. But if she seemed too mysterious to you, then she's exactly where I want her to be.

The love scene I just wrote is a huge hurdle in her character arc. I think I have some good bones down for it. It's actually 3 scenes -- one from her POV, then his, then hers again. I'm sure I have way too many words -- uh 19 pages. That's alot o' loving. But I had to put all that emotion in there. On edits, I'm sure there is repetition that will need to be removed. I'm sure it will get cleaned up. Pages will be cut. I'm wordy. I always have to cut.


It's out there. It's on paper (or flash drive) now. They've finally made love. Things are changing fast. It's a wild roller coaster ride to the end.

Hang on.


PS. If you're reading this and you're a romance writer, what's the longest love/sex scene you've written?


Dara Edmondson said...

Wow - 19 pages. You've got me beat by about 10 pages. I have trouble making the scenes long enough! I hate it when my characters demand I write about them when I'm working on something else - how dare they!!!

Jacqueline McDermott said...

Only three pages for me Macy! I can't wait to read thier story!

Katrina Snow said...

I've written some love scenes, but not the big scene when they finally have sex, so I can't compare page count, but hey, I'm totally prepared to read a 19 page love scene. Don't cut it on my account. ;)

I received some notes back on one of my "love scenes" from a contest judge and she wanted me to put more in. She said "I want to FEEL it." (Caps added.) I'm thinking we'll feel it with your scene. All the better.


Julie S said...

Wow, 19 pages??? Your characters must have some serious stamina :-)