Sunday, July 8, 2007

Seventy Days of Sweat

I read Alyson's post over at Alys on Love this morning. She mentioned that she'd signed up for Seventy Days of Sweat sponsored by Alison Kent, Larissa Ione, Stephanie Tyler, Jo Leigh, and HelenKay Dimon.

I won't include all the details here since you can read them at the links above. However, I signed up, too. I have 3 projects in the works. We were asked to list the title, hero, heroine, setting, and length of the project(s) we'd be working on. Here's what I posted about them.

I’m trying to finish up and start a couple of projects:

First, finish my Brava Novella entry.

1) Love to a Different Beat

2) Hero: Byron Andrews — photojournalist for aRolling Stone type mag

3) Heroine: Jade Ramsey — drummer in a famous rock band (the only female member)

4) Mostly NYC

5) 30K (only 20K to go)

Second, a series. (I can’t write them linearlly, so I’m working on 1 and 2.)

1) Working title — Circle of 12, Books 1 & 2 (I’ll get more creative later.)

2&3) Working on names — there are 12 heroines and heros in all. I won’t make this any longer than necessary now.

4) our world and an alternate that seems more like Camelot that here

5) Each one approx. 90k

Third, finish rewriting the completely scrapped ending to my category length romantic suspense (target: Intrigue)

1) Cold Truth

2) Cris Mason — CIA undercover in Russia

3) Ekaterina Sakovia — Scientist turned spy

4) Novosibirsk, Russia — biomedical lab

5) 60k (I have 12k to completely redo for the scrapped ending)

I'm going to work on them interchangeably. When I hit a wall with one, I'll work on a different one and then go back when my subconscious has figured out how to go over the wall.

My goal: Regardless which MIP I'm working on, I want to hit 90K by the end of the 10 weeks. We have 5 days off for Nationals, so we're really under the challenge for 75 days. In order to reach my goal, I need to write 1285 words per day -- 7 days a week. That's roughly 5 pages a day or 35 per week. I can do that. I have to. This is going to be my career (as soon as I sell) and I have to write like it's my career. A few weeks ago, I accepted Kiss of Death's (online RWA romantic suspense group) BIAW challenge. I wrote 46 pages. It was intense, but I wrote that even with a horrible cold. And, back when we had the 10k challenge at AotP, I really wrote then.

I wish I could say that I could just write intensely, pumping out the pages, under my own volition. But I can't. I truly need those outside motivators. And, this is a great one.

If you haven't joined the challenge, head on over to Alison Kent's blog and sign up.

Oh -- Alison says this guy is our personal trainer.
uhmm. I'm glad he's just a picture because if he was REALLY our personal trainer, I'm not sure how much I'd write.



Dara Edmondson said...

Good luck on the chellenge. We'll all do better knowing Sven is watching;-)