Friday, July 6, 2007

Conference clothing neuroses

At last check, just a few minutes ago, we had 31 messages on the AotP email loop about clothes for RWA Nationals. Not 31 total. No, there are far more than that. Thirty-one in 24 hours.


This really is understandable. Of the six of us, four are going to Nationals – for the first time. Alyson, Jacqueline, Katrina, and I will be rooming together at our first RWA conference.

This is so exciting. I have to agree whole-heartedly with Alyson’s post at the AotP Blog about the top ten things she’s looking forward to.

Ah, but back to 31 messages about clothes.

We are women. We’re all attempting to make a good impression on agents and editors (we’ll all need one someday soon), on each other (we’ve never met in person), on new friends we have yet to meet (we don’t want to look like total losers to others), and on those famous writers that, frankly, I’m hoping to get near enough to gush openly about their greatness.

We’ve beaten the clothing thing to death. We’ve hit shoes, business casual, comfortable travel clothing, bras, bags, writing notebooks (yes, it qualifies as an accessory) – oh, gosh, we haven’t talked about jewelry yet. How are you accessorizing your Rita outfit?

We’ve talked white pants and skirts and shoe size. We’ve mentioned that our mid 30 to mid 40 year old bodies don’t dress up quite like they used to. We’ve lamented fact that hair is an issue and Dallas is humid. We discussed layering for warmth in frigid conference rooms. We’ve talked about the length of the dresses we’re wearing to the Daphne’s and Rita’s. Someone even mentioned tan lines.

Tan? I’m so not tan. I’ve been in an office all summer. Tanning booth. I have to find a tanning booth. I haven’t done that since college.

Oh, my nails. They are awful. Do you think editors notice nails?

Get the picture?

Yep, we’re all a bit high strung. (I hope no one’s offended.) After all, we are artists. But, I for one, feel very comfortable knowing that I’ll be surrounded by other neurotic friends.

Well, that’s enough on the clothing thing. I need to go ask who's wearing panty hose. I hate those things. I don’t own them, but if everyone thinks they’re necessary for formal events……..



Orhan Kahn said...

That certainly is alot of messages about clothes.

Alyson Love said...

He, he. Yes Orhan, lots of messages about clothes. And I'm not sure we're done!

Here's my rant--It's killing me that I couldn't get my orangey hair fixed. Dang! And I'm not sure I'll be able to fit in another manicure--hey, think they have a salon at the hotel? Hmmmm. Worth thinking about for a quick nail touch up. The tanning booth is a great idea. Still need shoes. and a comfortable bra. Oh, and yes, I'm bringing panty hose for the dress up nights. I think everyone else boo-hissed that idea, but I need hose cuz I'm wearing black and I'm not super tan, and I'm over 40 . .

hey, what do you mean I'm neurotic???!!!?! I'm so offended-- not! I just hope to God I don't show up with four suitcases. Ha!


Erin Grady said...

Hi Macy, thanks for the post on my blog. You made my day! Glad you loved Whispers--hope you'll like my new one just as much.

Good luck at Nationals and don't be nervous. Just be yourself and remember to smile. If you get the chance to pitch, try thinking about the spark that made you write your latest WIP--not necessarily the story itself. Sometimes the story behind the story is just as intriging and easier to remember. Your only goal is to have an editor or agent say, sure, send it.

BTW, you should enter my SDSU Writers Conference scholarship--it's only open to writers and I usually have a small number of entries--meaning odds are good for winning.

Take care and good luck!
Erin Grady (scholarship info on my contest page. scroll down)