Saturday, November 24, 2007

I need a title

I'm horrible with titles. I think every title I come up with sounds stupid. However, at 36k into my Nano novel, I need a better name for it than TBA or "the first circle book". (Yep, there will be more -- 2 which I see pretty well, 2 for which I have basic ideas, 1 about which I'm still clueless.)

There are six heros, six heroines, one ruling table with twelve seats for these "arc angels" of the light. All twelve seats must be filled by the right people with the right gifts in order to defeat the dark and maintain balance.

The first book is about the demon slayer -- the one on whom the final battle will hinge. Funny, though, she's fallen for a half demon who doesn't know about that half just yet. Oh, just when they get together, he gets sent off to spy on the dark. He is 1/2 demon afterall, so who would be a better spy?

Anyway. I have no title and no good ideas.

But I have no time now to throw my lame ideas out there. I've got another couple thousand words to compose tonight.

Gotta run. Maybe we'll just go with In the Circle of the Slayer for now.