Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A TV Tuesday Ten

What I'm Reading: The Devil and Miss Prym by Paolo Coelho

I don't watch much TV. I have immersed myself in NanoWriMo and have an impending trip to sea camp with more 13 year olds than I care to count, so my minimal TV watching will probably dwindle even more.

That said, I do love to escape in a really great show. I love getting addicted to one with such great storytelling that I'm helpless to pull myself away. I love that ones that make me want to do anything to make it home in time to see it.

I recently stumbled across a Tuesday Ten of Ten TV shows you'd like to have or already have on DVD. I thought it would be interesting to see if a girl who is hit or miss with TV could come up with ten.

Here goes:
1) Buff the Vampire Slayer. I'm a huge Buffy fan. I announced the other night at dinner that I'd like the first three seasons on DVD for Christmas. My husband chuckled. My teenager was agast.
2) Heroes. I've seen this enough to really want to see it more, but I'm so far outside the story now I won't be able to catch up without the first season DVD's.
3) Angel. As far as all-time favorite TV shows, it ranks just a little under Buffy (which is #1).
4) Felicity. Another show that I used to watch pretty regularly back in the day when I watched TV. I LOVED it.
5) Grey's Anatomy. Never seen it, but I've heard such great things I'm sure I could become a complete addict. (And Patrick Dempsey is a total hottie.)

So far, so good.....

6) Supernatural. It looks really interesting. I like fantasy. My husband has seen it a few times and likes it, so why not?
7) The Dead Zone (with Anthony Michael Hall). I did watch this back when I watched. Great premise and conflicts. Very sci-fi/fantasy.
8) Veronica Mars
9) My So-Called Life
10) Lost. Everyone who started with it seems to be continuing. That's a good sign.

I did it. Ten.

I'm tagging others, too. At least this will give you all an easy blog topic during Nano.
Dara, Alyson, Jacqueline, Julie and Mimidish -- you've been tagged.

Happy writing,


C. Alyson Love said...

Hey Macy, Good list. I did mine, too. We definitely have some crossover. Check out the comment, too, because Mel stopped by and did hers:) Thanks for the tag.


Dara Edmondson said...

The only one we share is Felicity - I loved that and have a few episodes on VHS