Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bits and Pieces

What I’m Reading: The Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann AND The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. (Don’t expect to see a lot of change here for at least a week. I’m ½ way through The Unsung Hero, but reading time will be limited this week. And, I’m listening to The Other Boleyn Girl on CD on my commute to and from work – about 25 minutes each way. However, I found the unabridged CD – all 19 of them. That’s 24 hours of listening. You do the math. I’ll be reading for awhile.)

What I’m working on: Typing the hand-written stuff from this past week. I’m also mid-scene at a new mid-book scene. Tara has no where else to go, no one else to count on, but Kevin can’t believe she’s completely innocent of a heinous crime -- so it’s pretty tense. However, Kevin knows there are some big holes in the story he believes. The longer Tara sticks around, the more he doubts what he truly believes. He finally pulls out some old newspaper clippings about the incident in question. Tara’s getting a chance to see where he’s coming from, and he’s getting a chance to gauge her responses. It’s a mini turning point.

New words today: 510

Bits and Pieces

I love to travel, but it seems like anytime I have a break from work, I’m on a plane or in a car going somewhere. Of course, that means I’m never rested when I hit the office afterwards. My tiredness and need to catch up on the word count this weekend is driving my bits and pieces post. I still have one more installment on voice for later in the week, but for today, we’ll keep it simple.

1) I’ve had some books on reserve at the library for weeks – two of them on reserve for months. Four of them came available while I was in Texas. I picked them up today. I have four big books on CD now – all due back the same day, all books I want to read, all of which I needed to check out now; otherwise I go back to the end of the waiting list. I now have to prioritize. Wanna know what they are? The Other Boleyn Girl, Breaking Point, Bloodfever, and House.

2) The DH and I missed Valentine’s Day because I was in Texas. To make up for it, tomorrow (Monday) night, we’re going to my very most favorite restaurant in the whole wide world: Roy’s.

3) I’m going to be in the Big Apple in less than 10 days. I’m a little nervous about how cold it’s going to be. I’m going there for a work conference, but will also get to see a good friend of mine who lives there. Very cool. Or cold, I should say. What should I even pack? Help.

4) The DH and I have been discussing SIMPLIFYING life. This might include a move closer to downtown (where we both work and the kids attend school), a smaller house (hmmm, a visit to IKEA really got me thinking about smaller spaces), and freeing up money and time for things we really want to pursue (like travel and some volunteer work and a relief trip to Africa and more time with the kids who are growing up too fast). I'm quite excited about this. Of course, it would mean giving up some of what I love about where I live, but I could use a shorter commute, less cleaning, and more time to write. Those pretty much out weigh what we've got now.

Have a great week. I'll see ya tomorrow.



Terry Odell said...

Gee, Macy -- you'll be right down the street from me. Roy's is good, but it gets awfully noisy. Kind of detracts from a special dinner. We're going to Season's 52 for my birthday Sunday. It's noisy, too. Something to do with the acoustics of an open kitchen design. But they have these neat dessert "shots".

mimi said...

Never been to Roy's--sounds cool, though! There's a cute smaller house that just went on sale in my neighborhood...nice trees...lake access...sound tempting?? ;-)