Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Writing prompt #3

What I’m Reading: Madapple by Christina Meldrum

What I’m Working On: More simmering of Slayer until I have time to tackle its issues. (Let me tell you – the way work is going, it won’t be this week.) Also, writing from prompts in hopes a new story emerges.

Word count today: 517

The Prompt: Imagine a girl standing alone on a road. Write.

(Okay, yeah, kind of pisses you off doesn’t it? Doesn’t matter. Write.)


She stood at the edge of the gravel road clutching the wilted daisies in her fist. Her chipped, hot pink fingernails dug into her clenched hand. Wavy, dark blonde hair tangled in the breeze.

She tilted her head suddenly as if just noticing the thunderheads rolling in fast. Moving for the first time in several long minutes, she turned right, then left and scanned the trees which lined the road as if she searched for something.

Vince smiled. She knew he hid there, but she didn’t know she knew. Her instincts were typical of most young ones, making her predictable. Strong sensations would be pounding her, but her ability to sort through them too undeveloped to help her understand.

He smelled the scent of rain on the wind. She wouldn’t be able to smell it for several more minutes. Or at least she wouldn’t be able to identify it. She’d rely on her weak human smell and sight until her processing abilities were trained.

Taking a deep breath, he crept forward slowly. That last thing he wanted was to startle her. He’d tracked her for days with no opportunities to make contact. A talented runner, she’d provided a challenge for him – something he didn’t get very often. She’d evaded him several days longer than most infants. At first he wondered if he’d lost his touch, but scrutiny of her changed his mind. She possessed immense talent – raw, but strong.

Her skirt flapped around her ankles as the chilled wind gusted. He marveled at the ground she’d covered dressed in sandals, a long, full skirt and tank top. Of course, she’d lost the sandals days ago and learned she was faster barefoot.

Her feral eyes looked his way again before she closed them and tilted her head skyward. She’d be able to smell the rain now.

Not just any rain. A powerful storm. They’d need shelter to weather it. He couldn’t linger, tracking her any longer for an increasingly addictive pleasure. He needed to bring her down in an area where at least he knew some safe places to wait out the storm. Much further and they’d be out of territory. He didn’t want to think what the rival pack would do with one like her.

She tensed and her sudden pause gave her away. Changing was like that for new ones. No way to disguise it was coming.

He timed it perfectly, bounding out from the trees at the moment of her transition.
He hit her squarely and her smaller wolf form collapsed under his much large alpha wolf as he rolled her into the trees on the other side of the road and gently pinned her with his body and teeth until her animal from gave way to her human one.

He changed, too – quickly and unexpectedly if he read her wide-eyed expression correctly.

He may have startled her, but she shocked him. She didn’t thrash and claw, like most young ones. Instead she accepted his dominant bite with blue eyes fixed submissively on his in a connection that racked his body with recognition and arousal.


Lara Dien said...

Hmmm....this does have potential. Although I have to admit, I was kind of liking the image of the naked bleeding man in the moonlight (umm, well, er, not so much on the blood, of course, but you know what I mean)

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas said...

I'm catching up on your writing prompts. I this and and the earlier one. though i do have to agree with Lara, hmm the image of a naked man in the moonlight.

Katie Reus said...

Okay, I'm really playing catch up b/c I missed the one w/ the naked man in the moonlight (although I'm definitely going back to read now). I enjoyed this post. Conjured up all sorts of images and I want more. :)