Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Writing Prompt #4

What I’m Reading: Madapple by Christina Meldrum

What I’m Working On: More simmering of Slayer until I have time to tackle its issues. (Let me tell you – the way work is going, it won’t be this week.) Also, writing from prompts in hopes a new story emerges.

Word count today: 154

I really love it when the septic system is not working properly. Of course, this could metaphorically describe my ever-so-fun day, but I mean it literally. Septic system down. I guess I'll be showering elsewhere tonight. Oh, what fun.

No time today for a new prompt, so I’m hitting prompt #2 again…..

The first time I cheated I wore my red high heels. They’re the only reason no one noticed my slight of hand. Well, the heels, and maybe the plunging neckline of my barely there black dress.

Regardless, I managed to … coerce … the dealer into giving me the cards I wanted.

The words I’d whispered repeatedly held little interest for the dealer, especially when my breasts threatened to spill out every time I leaned forward to pick up my drink. No one else at the table noticed. They were too busy rocking back in their chairs to catch one red shoe rubbing up one sleek leg.

Of course, saying no one noticed is technically incorrect. A hunter noticed. Now he’s absolutely sure I’m something that I’m not. And I’m absolutely sure he’s not human.

And the shit of it all is that to stop running, I’ll have to eventually let him catch me.