Thursday, April 3, 2008

Writing Prompt #5

What I’m Reading: Madapple by Christina Meldrum

What I’m Working On: Writing from prompts in hopes a new story emerges.

Word count today: 366

Today’s prompt: I never told anyone….

I never told anyone about the attack. It seemed so insignificant at the time. And really, it was just a dog bite. How dangerous could it be?

Even if it had just been normal dangerous, I could have contracted rabies or a nasty infection. I knew so little back then.

And now I know too much.

I know my family still searches for me – a runaway. And that much is true. But I didn’t run away because I didn’t love them or was some troubled teen. I ran to save them.

I know it’s nearing the five year anniversary of my bite. And I’m starting to feel the pull in my blood and skin. I’m starting to hear their calls in every sleeping and waking thought.

I know I’ll eventually have to give in. Agnes tells me we all do. It’s inevitable. But it seems so much against my own will. I should want to be able to resist, but I can’t. That one bite took away part of my individuality and replaced it with primal instincts and pack imprints.

My pain and angry outbursts have become too much for Agnes and she’s left me here alone to go off and join the nearest pack. She says she’ll be there if I need her -- when I eventually can’t resist anymore and have to go to the pack. To the males in the pack.

One voice in the pack is louder than the others. He’s already fought and beaten many males in the pack to have the right to claim me. I hear his voice above everything else. He shows me his victories in my dreams.

I’ve taken to walking at night instead of sleeping. Sleeping makes it worse. The last time I slept, I woke up when I plunged into a stream. My own rest betrays me – would take me to a destiny I must fight.

Agnes said my free will not be taken. It will be joined. But, then, it will be neither mine nor free.

And so I’ll walk in the opposite direction until he comes after me. He’s told me he will – that he’s preparing. When he does come, then I’ll run.


Dara Edmondson said...

That's really good - you gave into, emotion and conflict in such a small sample.

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas said...

Can I tell you I had chills down my spine.

Jacqueline McDermott said...

excellent M! Very Good!