Saturday, February 3, 2007

Getting the Call

Have you ever checked out the Books, Boys, Buzz … blog? You should. The last three posts are the stories of “getting the call”. My favorite: Warning: Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery When Selling Your First Book .

I love reading the stories of first sales – whether I read them on websites or blogs or the little snippets in the RWR. I love it. Why? Because I’m pretty darn sure it’s going to be me someday. I can’t wait to have a sell-story to tell, even if it’s as boring as hell.

If the Laws of Attraction work and you get what you think about, if your thoughts determine your destiny, then I’m not just going to have a first sale, but a second, third, and thirtieth. Move over Nora. Step down J.K. There really is a new girl in town.

I don’t know when I first thought that I wanted to write books and publish. I do know when I stopped just thinking about it and starting moving towards it. November 2005.

Boy, have I learned alot since then! Baby steps all the way. Isn’t that how it all starts though? When I pause to look down the ladder at where I was, it gives me hope. I'm well on my way. Where is that bottom rung anyway? I can't see it anymore.

My scribblings led me to a creativity class, which led to a class on Romance writing at BNU, which introduced me to Leigh Michaels and her class at Gotham, which led to another class at Gotham, which led to the best darn crit group a girl could have, which led to more workshops, which provided me enough bravery to join CFRWA, which led me to meet some great authors, which led to Barbara’s Girls class, which led to affirmations and thoughts of abundance. There really are enough agents and editors and publishing houses to publish my books. And those of my crit group and anyone else who really wants and believes it.

I am a brilliant and prolific writer. I know well my amazing characters who are hiding so much and have so much to lose. I write fast-paced, page-turning plots filled with fabulous prose, snappy dialogue, and heart-pounding action. My MIP (that's MASTERPIECE In Progress, not manuscript in progress) is a brilliant page-turner that will keep you up all night to find out what happens. My name will fill a shelf in B&N someday. One book isn’t enough.

What are your affirmations? What are you attracting?