Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Visualize the glories

I tend to rush things.

My husband says that patience is not one of my virtues. (Too which, I usually respond with a seductive giggle and ask what is.) …. Wait, different blog…..

I tend to want things now. Better yet … yesterday. However, I know from experience that everything worth having is worth both waiting and working for. Yes, it’s a cliché, and it’s true.

Just as with so many things, I have a vision of writing in my head. It’s a vision of the writer’s life I want. When people say visualize what you want, every minute detail, I have no problem with that. I’ve visualized “the call” a thousand times. I’ve visualized getting an ARC of my book and the books of my writing group. I’ve seen the UPS guy deliver a huge box full of my books to my front door. (He didn’t shave for work that morning. And… his wife is so excited to get a copy of my second book --- this is the second one he’s delivering --- that he waits while I cut open the box and autograph one for her.)

See (haha), I have the whole visualizing thing down.

The problem is I want it now. NOW.

The truth be told, however, I’ve skipped a few steps. I haven’t visualized typing the words “The End”. I haven’t visualized the life I want of getting up and drinking coffee all morning in sweat pants while I pound out my next great novel.

Instead, I visualize the glory. I’ve never had any problems visualizing the glory. (I’ve even imagined my RITA speech – the one I’ll give when I win for best romantic suspense. It will, of course, follow Alyson’s clever speech for winning in the strong romantic elements category.)

Perhaps I should start visualizing the plotting being done. The character sketches being so very complete that I’m sure I’ll bump into my heroine on the street. The prolific mornings and evenings when I write 5k in one setting. The glorious “The End” that I’ll someday type.

Perhaps I should visualize the little glories, the little victories along the way. Oh, I’m not going to stop visualizing my RITA speech or the book signing where people are lined up around the big Barnes and Noble. But, I am going to start seeing the little accomplishments in my head – tasting their sweet victory.

I see the big prizes out there. But this isn’t a sprint around a track. It’s an adventure race with checkpoints and little victories along the way. You know ---- making-it-through-the-piranha-infested-waters-with-all-limbs-attached-and-getting-a-good-night’s-sleep-before-you-have-to-traipse-through-the-snake-infested-forest kind of victories. Yeah, there’s a prize at the end for defeating all the monsters and not dying in the process, but there is also the amazing satisfaction of knowing I mastered another challenge.

It’s a long race. For now, it’s time to see the segments conquered, the toasts to each made with great enthusiasm, and the next phase attacked with fervent effort.

This is my writing journey, and I want to visualize and then enjoy every glorious minute!



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