Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Daily stress

Ever have those days when you just can’t go to sleep. I know I should be really, really tired, but I’m not. Perhaps, I was so tired earlier this week because my psyche was weighed down with a meeting that I really dreaded today at the bill-paying job. It was one of those “I told you so” meetings – meaning I could have said that to everyone because I called this 2 years ago (and no one took me seriously). Since my prediction was correct and since I also opened my mouth back then with several possible solutions to said problem, yours truly got stuck in charge of another project --- again.

Please remind me to JUST SHUT UP next time. However, it’s just another reason that in my next life, I’m going to be incompetent (but that’s another blog altogether).

It did, however, get me to thinking about stress and how it wears you down and how it stifles the muses. They just don’t function under the stress. They curl up in little corners with big thick blankets to weather the storm.

For example, last night I wrote 80 words. Yes, that really is 8 x 10. Eighty. Pathetic. I also didn’t exercise, didn’t work on anything craft related, didn’t even set the coffee pot to start automatically this morning (that’s when you know your stressed).

Today, however, the meeting is over. It was largely successful – meaning no one threw stones. They started to, but I think realized a pragmatic approach was best. Stress relieved. No resolution yet, so before the next meeting, I’m sure I’ll get the big “eighty” words again. Nevertheless, today was a good writing day. 696 words in less than 40 minutes. I had to check the word count twice. Hehe.

I also did an interview with my hero. He’s not he most talkative, but wow, he really came clean tonight. He also shared some great songs with me. He’s the biggest CCR fan. Loves the Stones, too. He got me to download some great tunes, so we’re on our way to a soundtrack for the book. WooHoo.

Now at 11:40 pm and counting, I’m writing a blog. I could write on my WIP, but I doubled the word count I expected so I’m stopping at an interesting point so I’m excited to come back tomorrow.

Remind me next time I can’t get the muses to speak that it might be stress. Sometimes I don’t know I’m stressed out until it’s over and the relief washes over me. I’m not ungrateful for the lesson, though. I just figured out the stress/silent muse thing. (So something good came of it.)

So, uh, I guess I have to try those guided meditations, huh?