Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2007 Goals

As promised, here are my goals. Hold me to them.

Take my writing from hobby to career.

Dream: Get RWA PRO status and submit my best work for publication.

Objective: Finish and sub my current manuscript– 35 to 40K to complete plus revisions.
1) Get ideas on plot board by 1/15, but with the realization that this is an ongoing process.
2) Write 6 of 7 days per week.
3) Weekly word goal: 3500 words. Weekdays (can take one off) = 325 words per day. Weekends total of 2200 words over 2 days. (This allows me to take off the week of winter break if I want to.)
4) Spend 15 to 30 minutes each day working on plot or characters or mini-revisions.
5) Goal finish date is April 1st.
6) Revisions finished by April 15th.
7) Query letter and synopsis finished by May 1st.
8) Research and have 3 places to sub it by May 1st.
9) Out the door by May 1st.
10) Apply for PRO as soon as I get a letter back.

Objective: Write and finish a novella for an anthology by 7/1.
1) Research and pick out a target anthology by March 1st.
2) Plan and plot novella by April 1st.
3) Be ready to write novella when my current manuscript is complete. (At that time, determine daily word count.)

Objective: Start the next book after the anthology.
Tactics: TBA

Dream: Become a published writer.

Objective: Get noticed and get outside feedback by entering contests.
1) Research and find 3 contests to enter by Feb. 1st.
2) Select contests where the final round judge is an editor and provides feedback (just in case).
3) Make sure to enter before deadline.

Objective: Hone my craft & get a better grip on story structure.
1) Find and take an online plotting workshop.
2) Find and take a synopsis class or buy the CFRWA synopsis book.
3) Read from a craft book 30 minutes each week.
4) Read a novel from a targeted publisher each month or a novel of an author who does something well that I need to learn. (Read 20 minutes everyday.)
5) Spend 30 minutes each week researching agents and publishers. Keep a notebook of agents and publishers.
6) Sign up for RWA National as soon as registration becomes available. Get plane ticket to Dallas by the end of March.