Sunday, January 28, 2007

Totem Animals

Alyson wrote about her totem animal over at Alys on Love. She's a stag (with maybe some giraffe and zebra thrown in.) She shared that mine is a mustang. It is. It took awhile for me to see that, however. To figure out some of the ideas in the Girls class, I have to think on it, realize it isn't coming to me and then wait -- days sometimes. Eventually, it will hit me. I think I'm so linear most of the time that my subconscious needs extra coaxing to emerge and grapple with an idea.

Anyway, my totem animal is a mustang. I love it. It seemed so obvious when I realized it, like finding that perfect pair of jeans. It just fit. No denying it. I hadn't read any of the comments on totem animals at that point. I didn't want to pick out one that sounded like what I wanted to be or become. I wanted the animal to come to me and let me take what it offered. When I read about Animal Totems, I was blown away with its accuracy and gifts.

Here's some mustang info:

"The horse represents freedom and power."

"They can be a bit unpredictable and have been known to revert back to their wild animalistic nature."

"Horses feel things deeply and have strong emotions. They can sense the energy field of others and respond to whatever that energy projects. This sensitivity is associated with psychic powers. Those with horse as a totem find comfort in being touched and benefit from bodywork."

"Before this continent became so populated, it was well suited for the mustang. The best stallions had huge herds that they alone led. They had adapted themselves to live in harsh environments on diets that wouldn't sustain most horses. However their need for freedom made them unsuited to a country whose people seemed compelled to control and dominate everything. Slowly the herds started to die and presently there are only a few herds left in parts of nine western states. Horse medicine people require space to roam and the freedom to live their own truth. If dominated or controlled by another they will run like the wind and never return." Now, this seems to speak to me in many, many ways. I've fled many times when I've been roped into the domination or beliefs of another. I need space to roam. I've been journaling in my morning pages alot lately about the need and freedom to live my own truth. (Recall my post with my favorite Johnathan Livingston Seagull quote: “…you have the freedom to be yourself, your true self ...")

"If horse appears in your life you are being given the gift of safe movement and passage into the new."

I love the idea of a mustang. The gift of safe passage into the new is amazing. A good friend of mine from work commented the other day about how I seemed different the past several months -- like I was happier and moving into a new and wonderful stage. Wow. The comment came out of no where and blew me away.

For my post over at
Affairs of the Pen tomorrow, I'm going to write about fear and warrior goddesses. Pair my mustang with my warrior goddess .... ouch! Watch out. With both of them, I can give power to alot of things I want.