Monday, January 14, 2008

Busy, busy

What I'm reading: Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer.
What I'm working on: Umm -- see below.


Once again, life is taking its toll on my writing. I do fine as long as I can come home from work and write, but alas......

Last week, I was swamped with a kid function one night after work, a work function one night, a local RWA thingy one night (which was great, btw), and an all day Saturday Discovering Story Magic workshop (again, fabulous). Tonight, I had a church thingy. Wednesday, I have a work thingy.

However, I refuse to get frustrated. Last year, these life things would have set me back in my writing. This year, life happens. I get it. I'll just put my butt in the chair on the nights I have and do my darnedest to catch up.

Does this ever happen to you -- this "life gets in the way of writing" thing? How do you deal with it?



Katie Reus said...

You've definitely got the right attitude! Honestly, 'life' has really never gotten in the way of writing b/c I just do it. Ever since I started it's habit. I might have a couple days where I absolutely can't, but I've never gone weeks without writing. BUT, I also don't have kids so who knows what will happen when I do! :)

Lara Dien said...

I stopped writing in my sig line "writing is life, everything else is research" -- now I do less research!

No, you know how much life gets in the way -- that's why I have CPs and goal-setting buddies I rely on.


mimi said...

I am right there with you, babe! If it's not a school or church thing, it's the endless parade of laundry and children and dogs and and and and...

This year, I'm hoping to be more productive, so I need to create more opportunities for the writing and for me, personally. Better overall health will help the writing effort, too.

Hang in there!

Dara Edmondson said...

I have lots of thingies, too - especially now with my folks arriving for their 6 week stay today. Wish I was as on top of it as you. Still working on that.