Monday, January 21, 2008

Random Things

What I'm reading: Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer; Lay That Trumpet in our Hands by Susan Carol McCarthy; and Seduced by the Wealthy Playboy by Sara Orwig.

What I'm working on: The scene where my heroine confronts my villian after she thinks she's lost the hero. It's taking awhile. That much emotion can be challenging to write.

New words today: 436

Maybe Mondays should be "Random Things Day" here at Random Ravings. At least it will be this Monday.

Random thing #1: I can not do just one thing at a time. I've tried. I need multiple attention getters. Hence, the three books I'm reading at once. I seldom ever read just one book at a time.

Random thing #2: I wrote tonight, which is more than I can say for any night last week. Last week I despaired that my novel sucked and really considered just reading romance instead of writing it. Tonight, however, I am well on my way to my weekly goal of 5K. I'm going to finish Slayer -- even if it sucks. Then while it ferments, I'm going to write some of those short stories in my head, then I'm going to re-read all of Slayer's fermented suckiness and start editing that bad boy. The story is great and unlike anything out there. I just doubt the writer's ability.

Random thing #3: I NEED deadlines. NANO worked great for me. I'm considering throwing out a challenge -- nothing as overwhelming as NANO, but I need an externally imposed goal. If I throw out a challenge and my writer friends accept, then I'll be bound by my highly competitive spirit and deadline oriented personality to get my butt in the chair and meet my challenge goals.

Hmmm... I'm liking random thing #3. Who's up for a challenge? What do you think is realistic. Anyone up for 15K in 15 days? Or 15K in 30 days? Or even weekly challenges of 5K a week?

What seems reasonable? Anyone interested?


Katie Reus said...

'fermented suckiness', I like that! But, don't doubt your ability, the name Slayer is awesome so you can't go wrong! And, even if the ending does 'suck', (which it won't) who cares? I'm totally going to butcher this quote but I think it was Nora Roberts who said, "I can fix bad writing. I can't fix a blank page."

I like the idea of 15K in 30 days! Totally on board :)

Dara said...

You must attend the next RWA meeting! Got this deadline thing covered. Also - check out my post at: - quite on taget about what you're talking about.
Never forget - you are a WRITER!

Jacqueline McDermott said...

I am there with you completely. I have not written a thing since Christmas, procrastinating and doing all sorts of other things, wondering if this is not just a huge waste of time. I just keep tossing things around in my head, not putting anything to paper. It is pretty sad. Hang in there. You will get it!! I liked your 15 K in 30 days. If I do that with you three times I will be done in time to submit for RWA. I have no other plans except the 5 week stay of the in-laws, so I will do it!!!
Are you starting today?

Lara Dien said...

Sure. And I'm doing the boot camp, so I have structure ... LOL

mimi said...

Lord, yes, I need a regular butt-kicking, or my butt will find all kinds of things to do besides write! I still need to finish the NaNo book (less than 10k to go), then revise two proposals and get them in the mail. What's the pace, there, sister?